Fly fishing in Hell by Matt Stansberry

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

It felt like a waking dream, walking a path out over the water.

Deep in the calendar and closing on the solstice I clambered over a breakwall in a dark corner of our city by the lake.

The sun had gone down and I was nearly blind and stumbling over slick stones. Continue reading


Hanging On by Jim Lampros

Planning a fishing trip under the impetus of desperation is fool-hardy, or worse.

I prefer the “Nice to get away” trips. No pressure, no expectations, no self-inflicted stress. Eat drink and be merry, and let the fishing happen at its own pace. This is the quintessential recipe for a memorable fishing trip. Start putting obligations on the table, jacking up hope, and banking on hypotheticals & you’ll quickly find yourself wishing the weekend away.

We were pretty fucking desperate, though. Continue reading