Passing Lane by Jimmy Lampros

In the not too distant past, I was one of those smug twenty-somethings who prided myself on walking farther, floating longer, and staying later than other anglers to get my fish. I still think of myself as that angler, but the prevailing reality has changed a bit. It is a rarity anymore that I find myself with a whole day, much less an entire weekend free of responsibility, to spend at my leisure. The days of loading down the cooler, kicking the dog into the truck and taking to the river before dawn with no immediate plans to return are few and far between. Continue reading


Heavy Petting by Jimmy Lampros

It’s a problem…

“I’ve become an adequate tier almost by accident, and I’ve decided that many of the fine points of fly tying are lost on the fish.”
-John Gierach, Good Flies

That flowing mane and trim underbody. Those flashy accents. That trim profile and those perfect proportions. And those eyes. Those perfect little bead-chain eyes. Continue reading

The Curse of Canada by Matt Stansberry

You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.
-William Blake, Proverbs From Hell

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The Angler Inside by Kendrick Chittock

The picture is of the good old days. It sits on a shelf next to other photos, trinkets and memorabilia that few people have ever seen. The man in the small round frame holds a bass with a mouth big enough to swallow a fist. I know the size because his arm is one third of the way into the belly of the beast. Continue reading